Private parking
Pool Table
Events Facilities (Weddings, Baptims)
Safety deposit boxes
Room service
Security service
Reception service all day long
Late Check-out
Shower room
Restaurant opening hours
From 09:00 and closes 22:00 at night
Βreakfast is open from 08:30 and closes 10:30
Entertainment services
BBQ night
Karaoke night
Quiz night
Bingo night
Bar - Cafe opening hours:
From 09:00 till late midnight
Transfer from Airport/Port to Terezas Hotel
Transfer from Terezas Hotel to Airport/Port

During your stay in Greece, please show some understanding should you feel that things are not happening as fast as you are used to. Greeks are used to a much slower pace of life – that‘s what makes Greece the perfect holiday haven. So just relax and enjoy…

The famous actor Anthony Quinn, who played the role of "Zorba the Greek" so convincigly that people thought he himself was of Greek origin, once said: "’Living (in Greece) is very easy. I am convinced that Greeks are the most amazing people on earth. Their sincerity and joy for life are more real and important than many of the false values of modern societies…They value the past and look forward to the future; but they only live for the present – they live now!"


Our touristic unit, in order to enable our Customers to meet and enjoy the abundant gastronomic richness of our country, the Mediterranean Diet, offers local breakfasts and organic products.

At our breakfast you will find:

Tea, Chamomile, Sage, Mint, Melissa
Honey, local jams
Strained yoghurt, cow butter
Season fruits, fruit salads