IN-HOTEL Activities

In our hotel we organize various entertaining evenings such as:

– Traditional Greek Night
– Barbeque night with fresh local meats
– Tribute Nights with various local singers

Make your holiday MEMOrable.

Activity in Sidari is a kind of magic. Corfu island combines history, culture, and modern life all at the same place. There are many islands for diving where northern islands are famous for diving, whereas the southern side area is famous for windsurfing and kite surfing. There are many things to do in Sidari, like water sports, having a night out in Sidari, and cultural activities.


AREA Activities

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times of excitement.

Other Activities in Sidari

“Established in 1981 over 30 years, Sidari Watersports offers times of excitement.”


Single and Double Paragliding rides

Enjoy and experience single or double paragliding rides in Sidari with coastal views.

Skimmer and Tube Rides

If you are very adventurous, then water skimming and tube rides are for you. Many skimming and tube ride drivers are experts at ensuring your time on the water is safe and fun-filled.


Whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider, don’t hesitate to try out water skiing on the most suitable sea surface in Corfu.


For Daring only, learning skills is how to ride it, keeping it flying in the air for as long as you can.

Diving in Sidari

The north-west coast of Corfu has a sea that is not very deep, ideal for families with children.
The famous area Canal d’Amour, individually as it offers different rocky bays, is ideal for snorkeling


To make your feelings

Culture and Traditional Activities

You will be introduced to our best cultural and traditional activities.


Restaurants around here serve up a global roster of cuisines, including good old English. If you want more of a traditional flavor, though, seek Corfiot cooking in tavernas dotted around town and in the quieter restaurants near the Canal d’Amour. One authentic favorite is pastitsada, a Corfiot-style lasagne

You can have a good dance at this soul, rock and folk festival, which takes place every summer in Agios Ioannis, a traditional village about 20 kilometers from Sidari. Tickets will only be 20 euros, and which is half price for kids. Food is available here, but you’re welcome to bring your picnic.

There are narrow side streets that have a different vibe with traditional tavernas, live music, and Greek bouzouki dancing.

The Museum of Asian Art in Corfu is the only kind in Greece. The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George is in an imposing neoclassical building near the Liston promenade, Espianada square. The museum was constructed between 1819 and 1824 by the British and initially served.

The Archaeological Museum has an extraordinary collection of antique art dating from the Palaeolithic to the Roman period. This pediment dates back to 580 BC and is supposed to be the oldest one in Greece.

The famous Sissy Palace Achilleion gardens were contructed in 1890 by Empress Elizabeth. It is located near a watersport school in Dassai Beach.